Empire Foundation seeks African software developers in public admin hack

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Contact: Mikhail Mariemuthu- EPF Senior Manager 


Empire Foundation seeks African software developers in public admin  hack 

JOHANNESBURG: Empire Partner Foundation, Africa’s leading tech non-profit organisation, today  announced the first African Public Administration hackathon, rewarding those that create highly efficient solutions to solve important real-world problems.  

The coding festival aims to bring the youth of all African Countries together to focus on Public  Administration to answer the question:” How can we use tech to ensure we create efficient government  administration and ease of access for the citizens?” 

Since November 2020, the Empire Partner Foundation has hosted physical and virtual hackathons,  empowering the youth to build software solutions that address key socio-economic challenges. 

The Empire Partner Foundation is an NPO established in 2016, its purpose is to empower youth to build  South Africa and Africa through technology by solving key socio-economic challenges affecting the  public. 

The Johannesburg-based organisation recently collaborated with the Hack for Earth Foundation, a  Swedish tech non-profit entity, and hosted over 400 participants, 42 corporates, and 17 mentors from  more than 20 countries. 

To date, the Empire Partner Foundation has hosted over 2500 youths, resulting in 25 winning teams being incubated in the students’ tech hub. 

Registration for the upcoming Africa hackathon is now open and it will be the 24th to be hosted by the  tech-non-profit organisation, as it cements its position on the country as tech catalyst for development. 

Mikhail Mariemuthu, senior manager at Empire Partner Foundation, comments: “Empire Partners  Foundation November Hackathon is focused on Public Administration, which is a cornerstone of the  government with which it provides services for the citizens of the country.  

“An effective public administration is essential for the delivery of quality services for the benefit of the  citizens. Your ideas and use of technology can be a powerful tool that can enable the holistic  transformation of the government’s delivery mechanism, streamline processes and deliver world-class  services that can improve people’s lives”.

He adds: “We encourage young programmers, students from marketing, finance and business to  collaborate intensively to develop tech solutions to address socio-economic challenges affecting the  public. 

“By hosting monthly hybrid Hackathons we provide youth from townships and rural communities  opportunities to learn and channel their talents into sustainable business opportunities.”  

Pule Mokoena, Empire Partner Foundation says the two day event is more than a hackathon but the  NPO has created a learning plat form to empower the youth across Africa. 

“We aim to develop hackathon winners into tech-prenuers that busild businesses with socio-economic  impact. In this way we are able to make a meaningful contribution towards reducing unemployment by  fostering self-employment.” 


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